Landscape Services

Landscape Services

When your guests come to visit, their first glimpse of your home is your landscape. They see the garden, the lawn, the walkway or the driveway before they see the interior of your home. As you know, the first impression matters so if your landscaping isn’t up to the mark; the general impression wouldn’t be favorable. Maintaining a good landscape is vital on both residential and commercial properties.

We at Outdoor Improvement have found that very few people actually have the time to maintain their landscape. That’s why we offer complete landscape design services as well as maintenance. Our regular clients in Eagan as well as Minneapolis, Burnsville, Savage and Woodbury have trusted us with all their landscaping needs.

Over the years, an increasing number of our long term clients in Eden Prairie, Saint Paul, Apple Valley, Lakeville and Maplewood have approached us with repeat service requests.

Thorough and Complete Landscape Services

Landscape Services

We’re there for our clients from the very beginning, helping them implement their landscape design ideas. However, we know that our responsibility doesn’t just end there. Landscapes require maintenance and care to keep looking great. Today, not many have the time and energy to look after their outdoors and so we provide comprehensive services:

  • Landscape Design and Installation: We have several years of experience in designing landscapes. Before we take on any project, we make sure we understand the client’s vision and their wishes. That’s our way of ensuring that the end result is as close to the client’s request as possible.

  • Landscape Maintenance: There are several things involved in maintaining a landscape. We look for any damage in the hardscaping regularly. We pay special attention to the driveways and the retaining walls. Aside from that, we also take care of the plants, trees and the lawns to ensure all the plantings are healthy and disease-free.

  • Irrigation and Water Management: Water is needed to maintain plant-life. It’s also for fixtures like ponds or fountains. We have experts who specialize in keeping the irritation systems in good working condition. We also ensure that there are no leaks that would lead to wastage of water.

  • Landscape Services Seasonal Preparation: Your landscape needs different attention at different times. We ensure that your landscape is well-prepared for changes in the weather. It needs to be ready to withstand the winter. We keep it clean during fall to discourage pests and rodents. The landscape also needs to be cleared before spring so that new plant life can grow and thrive.

  • Lawn Care: You lawn might just be a stretch of grass, but there’s a lot of work involved to keep that grass looking fresh and green. We offer lawn mowing services along with other maintenance like edging, mulching, weeding, application of fertilizers, etc.

Other than that, we offer snow removal services and grounds maintenance for commercial properties as well. If you have any questions or wish to get an estimate, you can contact Outdoor Improvement by calling us at 612-392-1775. You can also fill this contact us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Areas We Service:
  • Eagan, MN
  • Eden Prairie, MN
  • Burnsville, MN
  • St Paul, MN
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Apple Valley, MN
  • Savage, MN
  • Lakeville, MN
  • Woodbury, MN
  • Maplewood, MN
  • White Bear Lake, MN
  • Shoreview, MN
  • Roseville, MN
  • Stillwater, MN
  • Lindstrom, MN
  • Hugo, MN
  • Center City, MN
  • Chisago City, MN
  • Shafer, MN
  • St Croix Falls, WI
  • Hudson, WI
  • New Richmond, WI

and anything up and down the river on the Wisconsin side.